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Hip Joint Injections for Pain Relief in Southlake, TX is a ball and socket joint that is located where the thigh bone joins the pelvis. The top of the thigh bone is a round ball that fits into a socket (round hole) formed by a cavity in the pelvic bone.

Hip Joint Injections for Pain Relief in Southlake, TX

A group of ligaments holds the round ball in place in the pelvic. This group of ligaments contains synovial fluid which acts as lubricants. There is the cartilage between the thigh bone and the pelvic bone which allows them to freely move against each other without friction.

The cartilage can experience wear and tear, leading to arthritis and pain. The wear and tear of the cartilage can occur due to aging, injury, mechanical stress, or infection. This causes increased friction between the thigh bone and the pelvic bone.

Hip joint injections are used to relieve pain and improve the condition of patients with hip joint arthritis and pain. The injections can also help to diagnose the exact cause of the pain.

What does a hip injection do?

The purpose of hip joint injection is for two major reasons. To diagnose the cause or source of the pain, and to relieve or stop the pain. The hip joint injections involve injecting medication directly into the affected joint.

Pain relief function

Injecting hip medications into the affected hip joint helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Corticosteroids along with numbing agents are injected into the affected joint to numb the pain.

Diagnostic function

A numbing agent is injected into the joint. The area where you feel immediate pain relief will help to confirm the source of the pain. If you feel pain relief while the hip joint is numbed, it likely means that the joint is the source of the pain.

How long do hip injections last?

After taking hip injections, you may notice pain reduction 15 to 20 minutes after the injection. An increase in pain may return in 4 to 6 hours as the numbing medicine wears off. The corticosteroids will begin to take effect in 2 to 7 days after the injection. This is because the numbing medicine takes almost immediate effect whilst the corticosteroids take a few days to take effect. When the corticosteroids take effect, you feel better long-lasting pain relief.

You may notice a slight increase in pain that lasts for several days as the numbing agent wears off and the cortisone is about to take effect. You may need to apply ice packs to the area of the injection site to relieve pain if you feel very uncomfortable due to increased pain in the first two to three days.

You may begin to notice pain relief in two to five days if the hip joint that was treated is the source of the pain. If you don’t feel any pain relief in ten days, it likely means that the injection won’t improve your condition. In such cases, you will likely need to undergo further diagnostic tests to diagnose the exact cause of the pain

You may also need to undergo physical therapy or manual therapy after having the injection for several weeks while the numbing agent and cortisone is working.

Pain relief from hip injections can last for up to six months or longer. You may need to take the injection again when you feel increased pain again after some months.

What kind of injections is given for hip pain?

Corticosteroids along with a numbing medicine are commonly given for hip pain. The numbing medicine takes effect almost immediately and lasts for only a few hours while the corticosteroids take a few days to take effect and last for several months.

Hip Joint Injections for Pain Relief in Southlake, TX

Do you need to rest after cortisone injection?

After having a cortisone injection, you need to rest for 24 hours. Also, avoid strenuous activities for several days.

Can I drive after a hip injection?

You may likely be given a local anesthetic before the cortisone is injected into the hip joint. If you are given a local anesthetic, it may numb your legs and you may find it difficult to concentrate when driving. For these reasons, you are not advised to drive after having a hip injection. You will need to arrange for someone or a cab to take you home after having the injection.

How soon after a cortisone injection can I exercise?

After having a cortisone injection, you will need to wait for at least 24 hours before you can start any exercise. If you still feel severe pain after 24 hours, you need to wait until the pain subsides before starting any exercise.


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