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Neck and Arm pain treatment Southlake, Texas up to the upper arm is usually caused by strain or sprain. Injuries, certain activities, and conditions can lead to pain in the neck and upper arm. Incorrect posture and strain from sports can lead to neck and arm pain. You may feel mild or severe pain depending on the cause of the pain.

Other causes of neck and arm pain include bad sleeping position, soft tissue injuries, rotator cuff tear, cervical spondylosis, whiplash, herniated disc, pinched nerve, heart attack, broken collar bone, broken shoulder blade, and so on.

Treatment of neck and arm pain

Treatment of neck and upper arm pain depends on the underlying cause of the pain and severity of the pain. Treating the underlying cause of the pain can relieve shoulder and upper arm pain.

Neck and Arm pain treatment Southlake, Texas

Treatment options include:

Self- care remedies

Self-care remedies are used to treat mild neck and arm pain. If you feel severe pain that goes on for a long period of time, you will have to visit your doctor for medical and other conservative treatments.

Self-care remedies include:

Applying ice and heat

You can wrap an ice pack inside a towel and place it on the pain area for about 20 minutes for 5 times a day. This will help to numb the pain and reduce swelling. You can also apply heat by using a heating pad to relieve the tension in the muscles.


It is advisable to take some rest from any activities that may be causing the shoulder and arm pain

Pain-relieving shoulder wrap

Wearing a pain-relieving shoulder wrap can help reduce pain and swelling.


Massaging the pain area can help relieve tension in the muscles and reduce pain

Over-the-counter pain relievers

Taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen can help relieve pain.

Over-the-counter topical creams

Applying OTC topical creams to the pain area can help relieve pain.


Engaging in some kinds of exercises can help relieve neck and upper arm pain. You may need to do neck stretches, lavator scapula stretches, shoulder stretches, and arm stretches to relax your muscles and increase the flexibility of your shoulder and arm bones.

Medical treatment

There are different kinds of medical treatments that can be used to relieve neck and arm pain depending on the underlying cause of the pain. If the pain is caused by a herniated disc, heart attack, cancer, stroke, or any other medical conditions, the medical condition that caused the pain will be treated for the pain to stop.


Surgery is the last treatment option when all other treatment options have failed to improve your condition. If you still feel severe pain and can’t make use of your neck or arms due to increased pain even after undergoing all other treatment options, surgery may be required. The type of surgical procedure that you will undergo depends on the underlying cause of the pain.


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