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Vertiflex Superion, Southlake, TX Back pain is one of the common symptoms of spinal stenosis. Most people feel back pain when the spine compresses.

Vertiflex Superion, Southlake, TXVertiflex Superion is a relatively new procedure that is developed for the treatment of spinal stenosis. The aim of this procedure is to prevent the spine from compressing by holding the compressed vertebrae further apart to relieve the pressure placed on the nerves and reducing inflammation.

Vertiflex Superion offers patients that are suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis a minimally invasive surgical alternative to other more intense surgical procedures.

What is Vertiflex procedure?

Vertiflex stenosis procedure involves the use of a device known as an Interspinous spacer. This device is FDA- approved. The device is placed in between two vertebrae to separate them from compressing together. The device is placed delicately using a small tube at the back part of the spine to restore the space between two vertebrae. The device is available in several different sizes. It provides an optimal fit for each patient’s anatomy.

During the procedure, you will first be given light sedation. A very small incision (half an inch) will be made in your lumbar spine. The device will be placed in between the vertebrae through the small incision. The incision will be closed with a simple stitch and bandage.

The procedure is an outpatient procedure. It takes 20 minutes or less to be completed. It minimizes tissue damage and blood loss. It allows for a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Who is a candidate for Vertiflex Superion?

Vertiflex Superion is not used for people who have severe or moderately severe stenosis. It is used for people mild to moderate lumbar spinal stenosis.

It is used for patients who don’t feel pain relief after undergoing conservative treatments or when conservative treatments have failed. It is also used in place of extremely aggressive or more invasive surgical procedures.

Benefits of Vertiflex Superion

Results from Vertiflex surgery are different for each individual.  Vertiflex Superion procedure provides good benefits for patients.

  • The Superion implant relieves pressure on the nerves affected by lumbar spinal stenosis by keeping the vertebrae separated.
  • It preserves sensitive tissue in your back and it is fully reversible. The motion in your lumbar spine is preserved.
  • Vertiflex procedure is simple and safe, minimally invasive treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Pain relief from this procedure can last for five years. It is one of the few procedures that is clinically proven for effective, long-lasting lumbar spinal stenosis pain relief.

Vertiflex Superion, Southlake, TXIs Vertiflex covered by insurance?

Yes, Medicare and Medicaid provide reimbursement coverage for Vertiflex spinal stenosis treatment. It is also covered by other commercial insurance companies. Call your insurance company to know if Vertiflex is covered in your insurance plan.

Does Medicare cover Vertiflex Superion?

Yes, Vertiflex Superion for spinal stenosis is covered by Medicare


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